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7 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Finding the Unique Amongst the Ordinary

Your bridesmaids can be a mix of old friends and new, who have been there for you - from planning through to the big day. Thank them by giving them a unique gift to remember this special day.

Wedding season is fast approaching, and a long-standing tradition is to present each bridesmaid with a gift.  The gift can be something specially curated for each member of your bridal party, or you can opt to give everyone the same or similar type of gift.  Below is a list of seven ideas that run outside of the mainstream, plus one absurd gift I came across that I had to share.


Whatever you decide to do, as long as it comes from the heart you can't go wrong, and the members of your bridal party will have a keepsake that will always remind them of the special and beautiful day they were able to share with you.

For your convenience, links to each store referenced in this guide appear at the end of this post, under "Sources."


Diamond Dust Body Cream

Diamond dust infused body cream? Sure why not?

During my research into unique gifts for bridesmaids, I came across something I would have never even guessed existed.

I found an 8oz jar of cream that has diamond dust mixed into it, for the oh-so-low price of $1295. (Yes, the decimal point is in the correct spot.)

I have no idea what the quality of the actual cream is but once the diamond dust is absorbed into your skin, it's gone - and I have to wonder how good it can be for your body to have diamond dust in it? As a metalsmith jewelry-artist, I know breathing in silver dust doesn't do me any favors.

I suppose that one could buy a jar of this cream for $1295 - and divvy it up, but if you have five bridesmaids, rounding the cost of the cream up to $1300, that would give you $260 per bridesmaid.

I think you could find some really stellar and beautiful gifts for that, and ones that don't disappear!


Artisan-Made Gifts

Whether you shop at local shops, arts and crafts shows, or websites such as Etsy, you can't go wrong with handmade.

The benefit of shopping for bridesmaid gifts - wherever you find them - is that you are bound to find something that is not only unique, but you may even be able to find gifts that would be perfect for each bridesmaid.

Source: Amy Lucy Designs, Gift Box

No matter which venue you choose, you are bound to find something that fits your budget, and the personalities of your bridesmaids!

Ideas for some unique handmade bridesmaid gifts include:

Etsy shop, Amy Lucy Designs, has a beautiful personalized gift box, filled with goodies of your choosing (see picture above)!

Also on Etsy, The Personal Wedding Co, has several options for personalized bridesmaid gifts, such as this gorgeous personalized make-up bag.

Source: The Personal Wedding Co, Personalized Make-up Bag

Lastly, my own shop, Kirsten Lew Jewelry, has one-of-a-kind jewelry, bridesmaid sets, or custom options available.

Source: Kirsten Lew Jewelry, Sterling Silver Link Bracelet


Gifts a Little Less than Ordinary

It's always fun to find unique gifts that will put a smile on the recipient's face.

Last but not least are the gifts that are just this side of different but in the best sense.

Locally, there are probably lots of great small shops where you could find some really unique gifts, but if you don't have the time, these online options might work for you.

Anthropologie carries some lovely glass jewelry boxes, called Artemis Jewelry Box, and a quick browse through their site reveals so many great gift ideas it will be a challenge to pick your top favorites.

Source: uncommongoods, Farm Fresh Experience Tin

Uncommon Goods is an online shop that carries, well, uncommon gift ideas, such as the Farm Fresh Experience Tin, or the Champagne Carry-On Cocktail Kit.


Source: uncommongoods, Farm Fresh Experience Tin and Champagne Carry-On Cocktail Kit

S'well, will have your bridesmaids sipping water in style and staying hydrated. The Shanti water bottle I think is especially lovely. 

Source: Swell, Shanti Water Bottle

Gifts from the Heart

Your friends will make this special day even more special, and a unique gift from the heart is the perfect way to thank them for being in your life and sharing your big day with you.


  1. Artemis Jewelry Box from Anthropologie
  2. Personalized Make-up Bag from The Personal Wedding Co
  3. Champagne Carry-on Cocktail Kit from Uncommon Goods
  4. Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Box from Amy Lucy Designs
  5. Handmade Jewelry from Kirsten Lew Jewelry
  6. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin from Uncommon Goods
  7. Shanti Drink Bottle from S'well

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