Lava Rocks and Essential Oils

Do you love essential oils? Do you wish there was a fun and fashionable way to utilize their benefits when on the go? Well I've got great news! There is! Read on to find out more!

You may have seen the explosion of "aromatherapy jewelry" out there using lava beads, or you may be asking yourself, "what the heck is she talking about, Willis?" (Those who remember the TV show, "Different Strokes" will get the "Willis" reference, lol.)
Over the past few years, thanks to my beautiful, dear friend Michelle over at Powered by Mom (a blog you seriously need to check out - she has some of the best recipes, and reviews on the net!), I have been dabbling with essential oils, but more recently, I have been learning how beneficial they are to myself and my immediate environment (more about that in a separate post).
I have been intrigued by the idea of aromatherapy jewelry, but I create jewelry mostly using sterling silver, so, I put my thinking cap on and started sketching ideas for how I could incorporate lava rocks into some of my jewelry designs. Now, here I am with a new collection incorporating lava rock beads and discs in some of my designs.
What are lava lava rocks and how do they work with essential oils?
Lava rocks, as the name implies, are rocks that have been formed after lava cools from a volcanic eruption. Lava rocks have been used for thousands of years in various forms and applications, including in jewelry. The porous nature of lava rocks (when in unwaxed form) is what makes them perfect for placing a few drops of essential oils on them, and creating aerial diffusion. Along with lava rocks, clay and wooden beads can also be used for aerial diffusion.
Aromatherapy Beads, lava, clay, wood
I have created two new pendants incorporating lava beads, and am designing a few more pieces for my "AromaJewelry" Collection. The first one I designed has two variations - with or without a Swarovski Crystal.
Your first purchase of a lava bead pendant will come with a sample bottle of essential oil.
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